Calypso Crush Sugar Scrub

Hi there big shot. Fancy suit. Flash car. Meetings, video conferences and you've launched a hostile takeover of your rival’s multi-national empire. STOP! Take a minute for yourself with my blend of organic shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil. jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil plus the extra vitamin C goodness of Kakadu Plum, you will thank me later.

My easy wash off, non greasy formula will exfoliate your worries away and when water is added I become a magical cleansing lotion. Get nudie and use me in the shower.

Calypso Crush will have you dancing with Fresh Lime & Crushed Coconut. 

Just a small scoop is all you need and gently rub into your skin. The water from your shower or bath combines with the oils in the scrub turning it into an exfoliating and cleansing lotion on your skin. We doubt you will need to moisturise afterwards. 

Give your skin a treat it so deserves or it will make a sweet present for a friend.


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