About Us

You are invited to come and join us on a soapy adventure of bubbles, scrubs and all things soapy sweeet! After seeing some of the boring bath products out there we decided it was time for change. A sweet change. A world full of good, clean, fun. A place where your scrub is on your body and not just washed down the drain.

From beginning to end every product has been created with love and care here in the Soapy Sweets bubble bakery. Our products, won't get rid of wrinkles, cure baldness or get you a body like you see on an infomercial, but they will give you a nice relaxing bit of YOU time. 

Our bath goodies are all natural. No Parabens, No Phthylates, No SLS, No PEGS. Also NO boring brown paper, we're natural and we're bright and we deserve it 

We hope you enjoy our Soapy sweets as much as we do making them.

Cheers :)

ABN: 91 608 328 810